Learning: The Always factor


I myself have sometimes gotten into the rut of thinking that I need not be spending time on expanding my skill sets. I have grown at times content with my level of production skills, and think I need only to use them on things that are billable, or make me money.


I am sure most of you know that by doing this, we are only shorting what we can become. We postpone how quick we reach a higher skill level, by putting off any more learning or advancing in quality and ability. Take the time, no matter how much other stuff you maybe could be doing, and spend at LEAST a little time every week finding something to advance you!

I quickly have realized the mistake, and have lately been taking steps to move above and beyond what I am comfortable with. Its not easy sometimes, sitting and grinding through seemingly endless small steps and reading, to achieve something that I was before convinced I could already get, just through a different method or style. But, I have found that even if the project or technique I am studying is somewhat boring and uninteresting, I still find little steps and tricks that I never would have known otherwise.

So, note to self… KEEP LEARNING, Always!

In that light, I am going to post some links I have found useful lately and in the past for the continuing of knowledge building in a freelance designer’s career.

These are just a few… I will come by and update this post as I run across cool or new tutorials or reading.

In the meantime, enjoy and keep learning!


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